About us

On behalf of the Federal Foreign Office GIZ is supporting the Sri Lankan Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy in improving the energy efficiency through nationwide communication significantly.

Component 1

Media Campaign

In conformity with the goals of the energy foreign policy of the Federal Foreign Office, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies is promoted during a cross-media campaign in Sri Lanka.

The campaign combines traditional and social media to provide private households with easy-to-follow practical guidelines for the efficient use of energy in everyday life. Practical examples of renewable energies in Germany are sensitizing for existing technologies and outline a picture of the German energy transition. The role of renewable energies as a central element in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants are presented in a comprehensible way.

The campaign comprises the following modules: (i) Social Media (especially Facebook), (ii) Story Telling through animation videos, (iii) Road Show for spreading the winning idea of the year 2019 and (iv) Cooperation with other Initiatives.

Component 2

Promotion of Sri Lanka’s Energy Excellence

Based on the messages of the media campaign communities, civil society, private sector and schools are invited to submit ideas on energy efficiency and renewable energies and to participate in the second round of the nationwide conducted competition.

Representatives of the nine most promising applications are identified in a shortlist procedure and invited to participate in a workshop where they will get the chance to network and fine-tune their project proposals under professional guidance. Also, an exchange with the winner team of last year is planned.