Application Form 2019


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Application Form Guidelines

If required, Please send your Applications to

I) Application Category: Please mark the relevant category with a cross

II) Detailed Project Information
This section should explain the purpose for the project to ensure that all parties to this agreement have a common understanding of why this work is being done. Be brief and concise—do not cut and paste sections from previous questions.

III) Action Plan
The Action Plan graphically displays the work plan project objectives, tasks, and time needed (by months) to complete these items. Subtasks need not be shown unless they are part of a critical path. This chart should also include the due dates for any deliverables or other products listed in the objectives and tasks. Make sure tasks are easily and directly referenced to the tasks in the narrative of the work plan. In addition, this chart should include due dates for periodic progress monitoring instrument. You may add more rows if needed.

  • Goal: The Goal is a clear statement of the purpose of your project, describing what the environmental benefits will be if the project is successful, or how your project is an important step in achieving an eventual environmental benefit.
  • Key Action Steps: Define each action step on its own row. Define as many action steps as necessary by adding rows to the table.
  • Expected Output: For each action step an expected output must be defined
  • Period of Time: An expected completion date must be defined for each action step.
  • Responsible Person: A responsible person must be identified for each action step.
  • Monitoring Instrument: For each action step an evaluative measure must be defined.
  • Comments: Comments are optional.

IV) Budget of the Project: Please provide a breakup of the cost estimate for the implementation of your proposed project. You may add as many rows as needed.

V) Annexes: Annexes are optional

    I) Application Category

    a) Applicant Information

    b) If the Green Energy Project is prepared by a team, please provide contact details of all team members

    Full Name
    Mobile Number
    Email Address
    Position in the team

    II) Detailed Project Information

    a) Please give a short description of your overall project idea

    Please give a more detailed description answering the following questions (b-g) (Maximum 300 Words each):

    b) Technical Approach
    Please describe the technical approach (improving energy efficiency or promoting utilization of renewable energy) of your project including the particular sectors of renewable energy (e.g. hydro/solar/wind/biogas) and outline why it represents a sustainable energy solution?

    c) Key challenge
    What specific issue or challenge is addressed by your project idea and how does it contribute to an improvement or solution for an ongoing challenge or issue by using sustainable energy solutions? (0 Characters Remaining)

    d) Budget calculation
    Please give a detailed calculation of all estimated costs related to your project. It is recommended to overestimate costs to set up a small buffer. Consider major components such as: Staff cost, additional service contracts, needed equipment, miscellaneous costs.

    e) Project implementation
    How do you implement your project idea? Please give a technical frame of your project idea, covering tasks, duration and feasibility?

    f) Social Relevance and Acceptance
    How do you make sure your project is accepted by the people or institutions that are affected by your proposal?

    III) Action Plan

    (Please bear in mind that all installations need to be finished by January 2020.)

    Expected Output
    Period of Time
    Responsible Person
    Monitoring Instrument
    Special Comments

    IV) Budget of the Project - Cost Estimate

    Cost Description
    Cost (LKR)

    V) Annexes

    Attachment File Size must be less than 5MB and Supported file Types are jpg / jpeg / pdf

    I do hereby certify that the information furnished above is true and correct and agree to comply with all project guidelines, criteria and agree to accept the final decision of the Jury.