Community based organizations (CBOs), household groups, schools, school energy clubs, SME groups, etc. are encouraged to apply for this competition. The initiative does not envisage promoting projects, which will benefit individuals, but projects that will benefit groups or those projects with an impact on a wider section of the community.

You may apply as long as your project benefits the entire community i.e. your village or your neighbourhood. The idea being that the project’s benefits should cascade to a wider group of people in the community.

Explain and support the feasibility and innovative character of the project and provide clear proof that the idea is beneficial for not only the entity or person who hands in the proposal. The backing of local authorities (such as municipal councils, urban councils) or divisional secretariats etc., who may be able to reinforce the value of the project, will be an advantage.

To be eligible for a grant, the proposed projects are expected to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The project should be related to the promotion of renewable energy and/or improving energy efficiency.
  2. The project should ensure sustainable operation in all 3 dimensions – social, ecological and economic viability
  3. If the project provides a feasible solution for an existing problem faced by the community, it will have a greater advantage.
  4. The project should be technically feasible. You may direct your inquiries regarding assessing technical feasibility to Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (Phone:/email: )
  5. The project should be financially/economically feasible and fit within the existing budget limits. If additional resources are required, project proposers are recommended to partner with other agencies such as financial institutions, corporates, etc. invoking their Corporate Social Responsibility avenues.
  6. The project or idea should be accepted by the entire community.
  7. The project should be innovative and original.
  8. Ability of replicating the project in other places (in Sri Lanka) will be an advantage.
  9. Room for public/community participation in implementing and continuing the project will be an advantage (such participation and commitment should be assured).

Meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee funding. We are looking for the best idea. Only one “National Green Energy Champion” will be selected from all the entries. Five other next best project ideas will be recognized and certificates will be awarded.

A total sum of Euro 50,000 or its equivalent value to Sri Lankan Rupees (approximately LKR 8.5 million) will be available as the project grant. This should cover all project expenses.

If the available budget is insufficient, the project proposer is permitted to partner with other public or private funding sources. Such sources of funding should be established prior to the application and confirmation in writing should be attached to the application.

A comprehensive capacity building session will be conducted to the selected group aiming at improvement and sustenance of project values.

Selection of the project will be carried out by a panel of technical experts from the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association and finally endorsed by a panel of observers representing GIZ, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and the Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany in Colombo.

All competitors are required to abide by the final decision of the selection panel and will be required to agree to sign a declaration confirming above conditions during the application process.

All project proposals shall be submitted either by registered post or via this website on or before 18th August 2017.

Postal Address:

GIZ Country Office
Sri Lanka/Maldives
Daniel Schreiber
6 Jawatta Avenue, Colombo 5.

Link to online application form:

Incomplete proposals and proposals received after this deadline will be not entertained.

elected projects will be announced by the jury and awarded during an award ceremony. For further details please contact