Green Energy Champion 2017

After the launch event of the competition in June 2017 a seven-week-long participation period was initiated. In the period from July 1st – August 18th in total 80 applications from private households, municipalities, universities as well as public authorities and small and medium size enterprises from all over the country were submitted.

All of the received applications were analyzed by an engineering consulting company on the basis of a fundamental criteria catalogue. As a next step field visits of the 10 best applicants were performed. As a result, five candidates were shortlisted and invited to a two-day “Fine Tuning-Workshop” which took place on October 12th-13th in Colombo, where they were able to revise their project ideas with professional guidance.

The workshop included the following components: project management, technical and financial feasibility of the project, presentation skills and consultation for revision of the project idea with support of the engineering team.

After two successful workshop days the candidates were invited to present their results to the jury. The jury consisted of German Ambassador Jörn Rohde, the Additional Secretary of the Sri-Lankan Energy Ministry D.D. Amarathunga, as well as a representative of the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (SLEMA) and representatives from GIZ.

The winners of the competition were the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA), followed by the Diyagala Boys Town in cooperation with the State Ministry of Science, Technology and Research Sri Lanka as well as the Municipal Council Batticaloa. The first place will receive installations and equipment worth 10 million LKR (58,000 EUR), the second place 2.5 million LKR (14,000 EUR) and the third place 1.5 million LKR (9,000 EUR).

Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA)

SLIDA is parastatal training institute for the Sri Lankan public sector that has proposed a holistic approach to increase energy efficiency and promote the generation of renewable energies at their training institute. Their proposal included the set-up of a biogas unit, the installation of a PV-system, and the establishment of an urban compost garden. Furthermore, SLIDA wants to raise awareness among public officials for sustainable waste management and the efficient use of energy. The Green Energy Champion jury holds the belief that the concept could be a blueprint for an integrated energy and waste management system within the state sector.


Diyagala Boys Town

The Diyagala Boys Town is a socio/charitable Institute which is involved in performing services of charity by the formation of marginalized and under privileged male youth between the ages of 14 and 18 years.

In cooperation with the State Ministry of Science, Technology and Research Sri Lanka they are suggesting to install a PV-system and a biogas facility as well as a developing a system for drop irrigation of their cultivation areas.


Municipal Council Batticalloa

In order to avoid the many power cuts that are affecting their city the Municipal Council in Batticaloa wants to install a PV-system.