The implementation of the project proposal of the Green Energy Champion 2017, the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA), is making great progress!

So far a compost yard and a biogas unit are being constructed and a monitoring system is being installed at the organizations grounds. In the beginning of February this year, the solar panels were received from Germany and were successfully installed.

In order to show how the solar panels, the portable biogas unit and the compost yard as well as the power monitoring system work, GIZ together with its project partner Janathakshan (Pvt) Ltd. took four students and their teachers from St. Mary’s College in Matugama to SLIDA on 14th February. These students are engaged in a Renewable Energy Clubs and they participated in on of the the Training of Trainers (ToT) awareness programs that Janathakshan is conducting for students from selected schools of all nine provinces in Sri Lanka. In those ToT workshops the students gain more in-depth theoretical knowledge about renewable energies and the importance of energy conservation. That is why the on-site visit at SLIDA was a great opportunity for them to get out of the classroom and to get a deeper insight into the practical execution of renewable energy systems by observing the ongoing installations at SLIDA.

Mr. Ajith Jayasuraya an engineer from the National Engineering Research and Development Centre (NERDC) explains to the students how the Portable Biogas Unit being installed at SLIDA functions. The NERD Centre provides technical drawings, guidance and supervision to construct the biogas unit.

The technicians from the Solar PV Installation Company Lanka Shakthi Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. explain how the solar panels are linked to the inverter and how they are mounted on the roof at SLIDA.

The Solar Panels are being mounted on the roof top at SLIDA. The PV system is being installed by Lanka Shakthi Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. The winning proposal of SLIDA includes a Net Metering Solar PV system to generate 30 Kilowatts of electricity per hour.


Senior Consultant of SLIDA, Mr. Prasad Piyasena, is explaining the students how the recently installed Power Monitoring System functions at SLIDA. The winning proposal of SLIDA includes 5 power monitoring systems to be installed in the institution.

At the end of their tour the students visited the compost yard that is currently being constructed at SLIDA. After completion of the compost yard building structure the plants will be planted on the compost and will be nourished by the nutrients received through the digestion process of the compost.

Throughout the tour at SLIDA the school children were given precise explanations and instructions by the responsible engineers. They were able to raise questions and discuss the matter with the experts.


After spending the morning at SLIDA the students left with a good impression of the implementation of renewable energies in Sri Lanka!