The Ananda College Colombo was announced as the winner of the inaugural Green Energy Champion island wide competition in 2016 for the best renewable energy idea in Sri Lanka. With the prize money of 4.7 million Sri Lankan Rupees (30.000 EUR) the school was given the opportunity to set an example for other institutions to reach for a greener future. The implementation measures included the installations of a PV-system generating over 24,000 kilowatt hours annually, the upgrading of the school’s already existing composting system and the introduction of a waste management system. Further, several awareness trainings with more than 7,000 students and teachers were carried out.

Now more than one year after the win it is safe to say that all of the measures have been implemented successfully and sustainably and represent a significant impact in the schools efforts and activities for a greener future in Sri Lanka.

On the 7th of December 2017 the Ananda College hosted “The Verdant Fair” at their school yard in order to proudly present and sell the products harvested through the implementation of biogas, organic fertilizer, green agriculture and solar energy. This was a great opportunity to see how well the development and implementation of the initiative has succeeded. The students at the fair sold various vegetables and herbs as well as fruits and homemade sweets and juices to the various participants. Also for sale was the fertilizer that is being generated from the biogas units. The fair attracted a large number of participants including representatives of the school, parents and the Ananda students themselves who were very interested to see the achievements of the Green Energy Champion 2016. The topic of sustainability and green energy is clearly visible all around the school grounds and clearly speak for the commitment the school has made in setting a blueprint in this area of action. “Presenting and seeing all of our harvest generated through the Green Energy Champion win and the implementation of sustainable energies and technologies makes me very proud and also motivates and inspires me to take further actions for a greener future in our country” an Ananda College student expressed his thoughts at the fair.